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Express-test for Springing of Domestic Cattle Diagnostics

The intensive increase of cattle productivity depends on feeding, keeping and well-organized work on reproduction conditions. Successful performing of the measures in struggle with cow barrenness in each cattle breeding farm is impossible without strict veterinary-zootechnics control. It allows to plan accouchement, animal insemination and the current farm work during the whole calendar year; to supplement the cattle with young animals in time, to carry out skillfully sorting of animals not suitable for reproduction and so on. The achievement of these purposes is possible only on the basis of regular diagnostic investigation on springing and barrenness as well as daily control of the main animal groups in uterine cattle: springing, after accouchement period, inseminated but not tested on springing and barrenness.

Diagnostics of cow springing has great industrial meaning in cattle breeding. Significant amount of slaughtered cows turns out to be springing with 4-5 months embryos. It is the result of the absence of earlier precise and rather objective method of diagnostics. For the same reason not seldom springing cows are considered to be barrenness and the wrong way of feeding is applied to them, coverage of springing cows in a false hunt often leads to abortion. All these factors make great economical damage in the development of cattle breeding. Therefore, the springing diagnostics should be considered as the most important way of veterinary-zootechnics work.

Nowadays there is enough number of methods of cow springing and barrenness diagnostics. These methods are not equal and differ in a number of peculiarities, more or less specification and trustworthiness. In different ways, they are complicated in technique of fulfillment, attracting the specialists, the use of special equipment. The methods are also differ from each other in time of reaction and without any doubts it has a great practical meaning.

For the first time in Russia our company has suggested, tested and fulfilled the technology of the production and the use of the express-test for springing and barrenness diagnostics of cattle on cattle breeding farms and private farms without the use of specialized equipment and without the help of veterinarian specialists.

Express-test has no close analogues in Russia and abroad. It also has some peculiarities:

  • high reproductivity of analysis results;
  • high degree of trustworthiness;
  • diagnostics accuracy;
  • simplicity and rapidity of fulfillment.

Immunological express-test for springing and barrenness diagnostics of the cattle has sertificates of quality РОСС RU.АВ51.Н01833. Technical specifications for the product “Immunological test for promoting diagnostics at early stages of springing and barrenness of domestic cattle” (technical specifications ТУ 9388-002-87749850-2012), registered at Ulyanovsk Center for Standardization and Metrology.

Immunological express-test for springing and barrenness diagnostics is the complex of rabbit antibodies against chorionic gonadotropin and the dye alizarin.

The principle of diagnostics consists of qualitative finding sexual hormone in cow urine – chorionic gonadotropin in immunological hormone reaction (antigen) - antibodies against chorionic gonadotropin.

The production form: test-stripes of orange or light-orange color, packed in packages or the liquid of orange color, poured out in sterile tube-droppers with the first opening control with the volume of 5 and 10 ml. The sediment of grayish-brown color is admitted in the liquid.

Test-stripes of the size 1x3 and 1x5 cm with applied biological preparation on them are packed in packages.

Biological preparation is poured in sterile bottles – tube-droppers with the first opening control with the volume of 5 and 10 ml.

The Way the Express-Test Works.



Here you can buy the immunologic express-test for springing and barrenness of domestic cattle (ТУ 9388-002-87749850-2012)

The immunologic express-test for accelerated diagnostics of springing and barrenness of domestic cattle on the early stages.

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